Meet Princess Sujei, a Female Mexican Wrestler with Passion, Pride and Determination

Meet Princess Sujei, a Female Mexican Wrestler with Passion, Pride and Determination

Wed, 2012-02-29

When someone thinks of the most successful wrestlers in Mexico, the mind conjures images of modern day giants, men with superhero physiques and costumes to match. However, it might come as a surprise that one of the most famous wresters in Mexico does not fit this description. 

Her name is Princess Sujei and she is an enmascarada - meaning she always appears wearing a mask. She trains for hours everyday to be at her peak condition for the carefully choreographed battles. She is the ruler of the Mexico Arena, a place she describes as the greatest school of feminine wrestling in the world. However, don’t tell the Princess that wrestling is merely pretend. 

Princess Sujei has a metal plate in one foot and once badly broke her ankle during a match. Her scars are proof that wrestling is a contact sport, and not harmless acting. Yet, it is not the physical demands of the sport that Princess Sujei had to overcome.

“I dreamed about being a wrestler, but I never imagined I would get this far. When I started training I was the only woman amongst 25 men.”

Wrestling is a world dominated by men, nevertheless Sujei believes she has proven her worth by showing the men that she is more than capable of competing at their level, both inside and outside the ring. 

Masked wrestling is hugely popular in Mexico, but in the past women fighters faced a struggle for recognition, but not Sujei, this Mexican wrestler has shown that wrestling superstardom can be attained through handwork and a will to succeed.  

“I am doing something I love, I am exercising and I am winning. When I go to work I wear my mask, but when I leave the ring it’s just me, a normal person again.”